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Concept and lecture: Marion Kuzmany

Organization: DDSG Blue Danube


Together with the Wiental and the Gürtel, the Danube Canal is the most important dividing element in the densely built-up part of Vienna. As the “Viennese arm”, the Danube Canal was the arm of the river on which the “city” lay, with which it was connected functionally and in its shape and to a certain extent still is. To a large extent, the Danube Canal “describes” the city as it developed up to the end of the 19th century, and at the same time vividly reproduces a built piece of city history.

As an arch, the Danube Canal leads in several turns from the northwest to the southeast part of the city. The figuration Danube Canal - Danube - Old Danube could be read as a double arch, in that the bowstring is formed by the current and in which the street Praterstraße - Lassallestraße - Wagramer Straße is stretched as an “arrow” to the city center.

(Text passages from "City in Average", Leopold Redl, 1994)



Departure: Schwedenplatz, ship station

Buildings on the right bank of the river and bridges:

Ship station / Fasch & Fuchs Architects, 2010

LICHTraum Donaukanal / light planning podpod design, 2008

Marienbrücke, Salztorbrücke: light concept / podpod design, 2008

k47 office building / Henke and Schreieck Architects, 2003

Ringturm / Erich Boltenstern, 1955

Augarten Bridge

Roßauerkaserne, 1869

Summer stage

Peace Bridge

Residential building Spittelau / Zaha Hadid, 2005

Park & Ride facility

Spittelauer Steg, Gürtelbrücke, Döblinger Steg, Heiligenstädter Bridge,

Nussdorfer Bridge, Nussdorfer Steg, Uferbahnbrücke, Schemerlbrücke

Nussdorf lock / Otto Wagner, 1899

History of the Danube Canal: from the first Danube Regulation Commission in 1869 to the present day

historical concept Otto Wagner, destination area Danube Canal City of Vienna

Reversal, left bank:

Schützenhaus / Otto Wagner, 1908 and  "Kaiserbad barrage"

Tel Aviv Beach / first concept: Share Architects 2009

Adria Vienna / Boris Podrecca, 1998

IBM redesign Diana / Rudolf Prohazka, 2001

Generali Media Tower / Hans Hollein, 2001

PS1 Tower / Jean Nouvel, Neumann, 2010

Uniqa Tower / Heinz Neumann & Partner, 2004

Reversal, right bank:

Hermannpark, view of the mouth of the Wien River

Urania / Max Fabiani 1909, redevelopment Dimitris Manikas 2002

Aspern Bridge, lighting concept

bathing ship

Sweden Bridge, lighting concept

End: Schwedenplatz, ship station

Photos: ARCH ON TOUR archive

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