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Architecture adventure authenticity

OCTOBER 25 - NOVEMBER 02, 2016

Concept and moderation: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR in cooperation with Judith Augustinovic and Eduardo Luis Rodríguez

Guided tours: Eduardo Luis Rodríguez; as well as other local architects, artists, experts: Arelis Martín Hernández, Wilfredo Prieto, among others

Cooperation partner: Arch + Ing Academy

Media partner: Architecture & Building Forum

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH u Co KG

With the first direct flight from Vienna to Havana, ARCH ON TOUR takes you on a special voyage of discovery to the Caribbean capital and its unique examples of Cuban modernism to the occasional traces of contemporary interventions. Welcome to a not only architectural snapshot between decay and a new departure!

On-site tours by the Cuban architect and architectural historian Eduardo Luis Rodríguez, known for his architectural guides of Havana (DOM Publishers, etc.) and as the author of numerous publications on Cuban architecture of the modern and 20th century.

PROGRAM as of October 23, 2016, subject to change

Sunrise / sunset Havana end of October 2016: approx. 07:30 / 18:50

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 / departure Vienna, arrival Havana

check-in takes place individually, meeting point for boarding at the departure gate, Vienna Airport

Direct flight with OS 023 to Havana, Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí

Bus transfer to the Hotel Habana Libre , check-in

(formerly Hotel Hilton Havana / Nicolás Arroyo, Gabriela Menéndez, 1958; wall painting: Amelia Peláez; Salon Turquino on the 26th floor)


Dinner in the "Cafe Laurent"

1st night in the Hotel Habana Libre


Wednesday, October 26th 2016 / La Habana Vieja district

Bus, walks

Colonial architecture and urbanism in La Habana Vieja (Old Havana): Civil, religious and military buildings and urban spaces (16th to 19th centuries)

Tour of the main four squares and their surrounding buildings:

- Plaza de Armas (Arms Square). Including the Royal Force Castle (1558-1577); the Palace of the Second Commander (1770-1791); the Palace of the Captain General (1776-1791); the House of the Count of Santovenia (1784); the Templete (1828).

- Plaza de San Francisco (San Francisco Square). Including the Convent and Church of San Francisco de Asis (1719-1738); the Stock Exchange Building (1909); the Customs House (1914).

- Plaza Vieja (Old Square). Including the House of the Count of Jaruco (1737); the House of the Count of Lombillo (1745); the Palacio Cueto (1908).

- Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral Square). Including the Havana Cathedral (1748-1777); the House of the Count of Bayona (1720); the House of the Marquis of Arcos (1746); the House of the Count of Lombillo (c. 1750); the House of the Marquis of Aguas Claras (1751-1775).

Having lunch  in "La Moneda Cubana", Plaza de la Catedral

- Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wilfredo Lam (visit of the building and exhibitions)

- Recent urban and architectural renovations in the area of the former docks, along the Avenida del Puerto and the Alameda de Paula (Paula Promenade). Tour includes, among other sites, the Church of San Francisco de Paula (1745, currently a concert hall), the new maritime promenade, the former Warehouse of Tobacco and Wood (1906, currently a brewery), and the Warehouse “San José” (1885), currently an arts and crafts market (Artisans' Market) and cultural center;

- Art Gallery Factoría Habana

End of bus Hotel Habana Libre, taxi to the restaurant

Dinner at "El Cocinero"

2nd night in the Hotel Habana Libre


Thursday, October 27, 2016 / Districts of Las Murallas and Centro Habana

Bus, walks

20th Century architecture in Las Murallas (The City Walls) district and Centro Habana municipality.

Las Murallas district: Central Park, Prado Promenade, and their surrounding buildings:

Tour includes, among other sites: Central Park (1877, renovated 1960); Palace of the Galician Association (1915, currently, Gran Teatro de La Habana and cultural center); Palace of the Asturian Association (1927, currently a branch of the National Museum of Fine Arts); Capitol Building (1929, currently under restoration), Paseo del Prado (Prado Promenade, 1772, renovated 1929); La Punta Castle (1589-ca. 1600, currently a museum); Presidential Palace (1920, currently the Museum of the Revolution); House of José Miguel Gómez (1915, currently at the Academy of French Language); Central Railroad Station (1912);

Bacardi Building / Rafael Fernández Ruenes, Esteban Rodríguez Castell, José Menéndez (1930) 

Lunch at the "Centro Asturiano La Terraza". Paseo del Prado, La Habana Vieja

Paseo del Prado 309 altos esquina and Virtudes

Centro Habana Municipality

Tour includes, among other sites: "Golden Scepter" Building (1910); House Crusellas (1913); Cuban Telephone Company (1927); Newspaper “El País” (1941); “America” Building (1941);

"Solimar" Building (Manuel Copado, 1944) Soledad # 205 (between Lázaro and Ánimas)

Galleria Continua Águila de Oro

End of the bus hotel, taxi to the restaurant

Dinner at "La Guarida"

Walk back to the hotel; optional: Jazz Club La Zorra Y el Cuervo

3rd night in the Hotel Habana Libre


Friday, October 28, 2016 / El Vedado and Nuevo Vedado districts

Bus tour and walks

  20th Century architecture in El Vedado and Nuevo Vedado neighborhoods.

Tour includes, among other sites: Main campus of the University of Havana (1906-1940); House Ferrara (1928, currently the Napoleonic Museum); Radiocenter Building (Junco Gastón and Domínguez, 1947); Odontological Building (Antonio Quintana, Rubio and Pérez Beato, 1953); Medical Insurance Building (Antonio Quintana, 1958); Partagás Building (1954); Cuba Pavilion (1963) 23 Ave. and O calle;

Coppelia Ice-cream Parlor (Mario Girona, 1966) interior visit;

Hotel “National” (1930) interior visit

Hebrew Community Center (Aquiles Capablanca, 1953) I # 253 (corner of 13), El Vedado, Plaza

; Sports Center “José Martí” (1960); Prefabricated apartment building (1967); House Baró Lasa (1927); Revolution Square (1953-1960).

Lunch in the Paladar "El Balcón de Diego"

Modern architecture in Nuevo Vedado.

Tour includes, among other sites: House Farfante (1955); House Soto Bonavía (1957);

House Ennis (1957).

Habana Riviera Hotel, optional cocktail at the bar

End of bus Hotel Habana Libre, taxi to the restaurant

Dinner in the "Atelier"

optional: Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC): Visit of exhibitions, cocktails

4th night in the Hotel Habana Libre


Saturday, October 29, 2016 / district of Playa

Bus tour and walks

Modern architecture in Playa municipality

Modern architecture in Miramar and beyond

Tour includes, among other sites: House Max Borges (1950); House Leal Pozo (1957); Apt. Building Vidaña (1956);

Cabaret Tropicana (Max Borges, 1951)

Lunch at the "Café Rodney", Tropicana, meeting with  Fernando Martirena  at La Casona de Línea

- studio visit at "Infra Architects"

- apartment and gallery of Wilfredo Prieto (near Parque Lennon, Vedado) and meeting with Wilfredo Prieto 

End of the bus hotel, free evening 

Recommendations: El Jardin Tropical  (House of the Herrera family, 1912)

5th night in the Hotel Habana Libre


Sunday, 10/30/2016 / Playas del Este

Bus tour and beach

Colonial fortification across the bay: Castillo del Morro (Morro Castle 1586-1630)

Housing compounds after the revolution: East Havana Housing Unit # 1 (1961);

Pan-American Village (1991). 

Lunch at the Paladar "Il Piccolo", Guanabo

Playas del Este: Santa María del Mar, Guanabo: beach, swimming, .. etc.

End of the bus hotel, free evening 

6th night in the Hotel Habana Libre


Monday, October 31, 2016 /

Bus tour and walks

Modern Architecture: Two revolutionary university campuses; a prefabricated restaurant, and a residential masterpiece by Richard Neutra.

CUJAE campus: Ciudad Universitária José Antonio Echeverria / Humberto Alonso (original concept), Manuel Rubio, José Fernández, Fernando Salinas, Josefina Montalván and others, 1959-1964, and subsequent phases

Restaurant "Las Ruinas" / Joaquín Galván, 1970, in Parque Lenin

Lunch in the Paladar “Riomar”

National Schools of Art (1961-1965):

Escuela de Artes Plásticas / Ricardo Porro 1961-1965.

Escuela de Música / Vittorio Garatti, 1961-1965.

Escuela de Ballet / Vittorio Garatti, 1961-1965

Escuela de Danza Moderna / Ricardo Porro, 1961-1965

Escuela de Artes Dramáticas / Roberto Gottardi, 1961-1965

House De Schulthess / Richard Neutra, 1956, (currently the residence of the Swiss Ambassador in Cuba).

Gardens: originally by Roberto Burle Max, 19A # 15012 (between 150 and 190), Cubanacán, Playa

End of the bus hotel, free evening

7th night in the Hotel Habana Libre


Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 / departure from Havana

free morning

Recommendation: National museum of fine Arts / Alfonso Rodriguez Pichardo, 1954

individual lunch

Transfer to Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí Airport

direct return flight to Vienna with OS 024  


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 / arrival in Vienna  

Photos:  Archive ARCH ON TOUR

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