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Architecture and craft

May 10-13, 2018

Concept: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR in cooperation with Verena Konrad / VAI; Thomas Geisler / Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Guided tours: Verena Konrad, Thomas Geisler, Helga Rädler, Julia Kick, Ingomar Reumiller, Jörg H. Knapp

Moderation: Marion Kuzmany                    

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH & Co. KG

Thanks to: Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Extraordinary architecture, intoxicating mountain meadows, delicate design, outstanding handicraft: the journey goes to Vorarlberg!

At the beginning, Verena Konrad, director of the Vorarlberg Architecture Institute, welcomes us, leads us into the exhibition rooms and speaks introductory words about the remarkable architecture scene in the westernmost state of Austria. The core of the tour is a detailed program in the Bregenzerwald, where the unique interplay of architecture and craftsmanship typical of the region can be experienced in four village tours and a high-alpine detour. Walks and hikes lead to extravagant bus shelters, chapels, private houses and museums, which combine the highest quality in their architecture and design as a common denominator. Thomas Geisler, Managing Director of the Werkraum Bregenzerwald, leads into the center of craftsmanship and its practically built manifesto.

The corresponding culinary background is provided by the finest regional products and their exquisite preparation in the excellent kitchens of local companies. The tour ends with a special tour of the Kunsthaus Bregenz and then offers time for individual explorations, such as in the Bregenz old town on Sundays or on the shores of Lake Constance.

PROGRAM as of 05/05/2018, subject to change

Sunrise - sunset: 5:50 a.m. - 8:45 p.m.


THURSDAY, May 10th, 2018 / Feldkirch - Altach - Dornbirn - Lingenau - Hittisau

Meet at the main train station in Vienna on the platform

06: 30-12: 42  Vienna- Feldkirch / railjet RJ 660

Bus transfers

Montforthaus in Feldkirch / HASCHER JEHLE Architektur + mitiska wäger architects, 2017 (from outside)

Islamic Cemetery, Altach / Bernardo Bader, 2012 (guided tour: Jörg Knapp, VAI) 

Sägerbrücke, Dornbirn / Architekturwerkstatt Dworzak - Grabher, 2016

Meeting with Verena Konrad, walk to the VAI

VAI Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, Dornbirn / Tour: Verena Konrad

VAI showrooms / Dietrich | Untertrifaller, 2009 / Exhibition: "Built with earth"

Economic building Josef Weiss, Dornbirn / Julia Kick, 2017 (guided tour with Julia Kick)

Parish church Lingenau / Ernst Beneder & Anja Fischer, 2010 (interior inspection)

Gasthof Krone / Bernardo Bader, 2007

Dinner in the Gasthof Krone

1st overnight stay at Gasthof Krone and Gasthof Ochsen in Hittisau


FRIDAY, 05/11/2018 / Hittisau - Krumbach

Walk through Hittisau with Helga Rädler

Women's Museum, Hittisau / Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architects, 2000

Loft, Hittisau / Georg Bechter (interior viewing and exhibition: "Georg Bechter Licht" lighting program)              

Haus Rosanna / Bregenzerwald farmhouse, revitalization Georg Bechter (from the outside)

Bus ride (public bus)

Tour in Krumbach with Helga Rädler and examples of the project  BUS: STOP (7 "waiting rooms" by 7 international architects and regional craftsmen)

Bus stop Kressbad / Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Norway

Lunch in the moor area in Krumbach / Bernardo Bader, 2011 / Catering

Chapel Salgenreute / Bernardo Bader, 2016

Private house Bernardo Bader (from the outside)

Bus stop Unterkrumbach Süd / Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Belgium

Bus stop Unterkrumbach Nord / Ensamble Studio, Spain

Bus stop in the village center / Bernardo Bader, René Bechter, Hermann Kaufmann, 2011

Explanations on the development of the center of the village

Pfarrhaus Krumbach / Bernardo Bader, Bechter Zaffignani, Hermann Kaufmann, 2011

Bus stop fires / Sou Fujimoto, Japan

Bus ride (public bus)

Dinner in the Ernele restaurant (in the Romantikhotel Das Schiff), Hittisau

2nd overnight stay at Gasthof Krone and Gasthof Ochsen in Hittisau


SATURDAY, May 12th, 2018 / Andelsbuch - Bezau

Bus / trip to Andelsbuch  

Tour in Andelsbuch with a walk to craft workshops with Thomas Geisler and Ingomar Reumiller

Municipal office / architecture office Felder Geser (short interior visit)

Forest insurance / BMst. Jürgen Haller

House Dorner / Ingomar Reumiller

Upholstery and joinery Mohr, workshop / Anton Mohr extension, wood workshop

Werkraumhaus, Andelsbuch / Peter Zumthor, 2013 and

           Werkraumschau "Licht" and Werkraum Depot / guided tour: Thomas Geisler

Lunch in the Werkraum Wirtschaft

Guided tours in the afternoon with Helga Rädler

Double chair lift, 2 ascents

Walk to the mountain chapel Alpe Vordere Niedere / Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architects, 2008

Panorama restaurant Seilbahnen Bezau / Innauer Matt

Valley station of the Bezau / Innauer Matt cable cars 

Walk to the village center with various stops: House F / Dietrich | Untertrifaller (from outside), Büro Innauer Matt (from outside), residential building W Bezau / Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten (from outside)

Dinner at Gasthof Engel, Bezau

Drink at the bar, Hotel Post / Leopold Kaufmann, 1970, extension Kaufmann 96, 1998

Return to Hittisau / bus (private)

       Alternative to the mountain program in bad weather: Drive to Schwarzenberg

       Angelika Kauffmann Museum, Schwarzenberg / Dietrich | Untertrifaller, 2007

       Angelika Kauffmann Saal / Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH, 2001

       Gasthof Adler, Schwarzenberg / Conversion by Hermann Kaufmann, 1991

       Art Hotel Hirschen

3rd overnight stay at Gasthof Krone and Gasthof Ochsen in Hittisau


SUNDAY, May 13th, 2018 / Bregenz

Bus transfer to Bregenz

KUB Kunsthaus Bregenz / Peter Zumthor, 1997 (guided tour with Miriam Prantl to the architecture of the house and through the current exhibition "Mika Rottenberg")

then free time: individual lunch (e.g. KUB Café),

Vorarlberg Museum on Kornmarktplatz / Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architects, 2013

Bregenz-Vienna / railjet RJ 660



Photos:  ARCH ON TOUR archive; © Werkraum Bregenzerwald: © Roswitha Schneider, Archive of Forms

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