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Concept and moderation: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR

Guided tours: Petr Dvořák

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH & Co. KG

The day tour to Brno leads to Villa Tugendhat, considered a classic Brno

Modern, and one of Mies van de Rohe's masterpieces among the most outstanding

Icons of Eastern European modern architecture count. That takes care of the physical well-being

True-to-style as well as culinary excellent Café Era. After that, the guided shows

Stroll through the old town / or through the functionalist buildings of the Brno exhibition center / with Petr Dvořák further special examples and highlights of the architecturally richly equipped city of Brno.


PROGRAM / Villa Tugendhat and old town walk

09:00 meeting point Operngasse 16, 1010 Vienna (across from the Café Museum), bus ride to Brno

Villa Tugendhat / Mies van de Rohe, 1930 (extended tour including technical floor and visit to the garden of Villa Tugendhat / in 1-2 groups)

Walk and lunch in Café Era / Josef Kranz, 1929 

Bus trip to the old town (to Janácek Theater ), guided tour of the old town with Petr Dvořák:

- St. Thomas Church, St. Jacob Church

- Hotel Avion / Bohuslav Fuchs, 1928

- Convalaria tenement house with shops and café / Oskar Porsika, 1937

- Brouk and Babka / Miroslav Kopriva office building, 1934

- Moravian bank Moravská banka / Bohuslav Fuchs, Arnost Wiesner, 1930

- Freedom Square (Namesti Svobody)

- Alfa-Palast and Passage / Bohuslav Fuchs, 1937

- Moravian Savings Bank / Heinrich Blum, Josef Polasek, Otakar Oplatek, 1939

- Old Town Hall (with Anton Pilgram Portal)

- Kohlmarkt (Parna's fountain)

- Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

18:00 Departure bus Janácek Theater / approx. 20:30 arrival Vienna, Operngasse


PROGRAM / Villa Tugendhat and Brno Exhibition Center

08:30 meeting point Operngasse 16, 1010 Vienna (opposite Café Museum), bus ride to Brno

Villa Tugendhat / Mies van de Rohe, 1930

Extended tour including the technical floor and a visit to the garden of Villa Tugendhat 

Walk and lunch in Café Era / Josef Kranz, 1929 

Bus ride to the Brno Exhibition Center , guided tour with Petr Dvořák:

Palace of Commerce and Industry, Pavilion A / Josef Kalous , ( Jaroslav Valenta ), 1928; View from the terrace

Pavilion Z  / Zdeněk DenkZdeněk Alexa , Ferdinand Lederer , 1959

among others

Interiors and "Loos-Saal" of the Bauer-Schlösschen / Adolf Loos, 1925

6:00 p.m. Departure bus from the exhibition grounds / approx. 8:30 p.m. arrival Vienna Secession


TOUR PRICE including: bus trip Vienna-Brno and back, guided tour of Villa Tugendhat: extended version including technical floor and garden, guided walk through the old town / or tour of the exhibition grounds / with Petr Dvořák, 3- Common lunch in Café Era including beverages, expert travel moderation by DI Marion Kuzmany


Program: Subject to change. Participation is at your own risk; maximum 30 people


Lunch menus in Café Era (all menus 3 courses including beverages, café)

Menus to choose from: with beef / with duck / vegetarian / (vegan upon request)

Photos: © David Zidlicky, Brno ; Archive ARCH ON TOUR

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