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OCTOBER 26-29, 2017

Concept and moderation: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR in cooperation with Jelica Jovanovic, DoCoMoMo Serbia / Association of Belgrade Architects

Guided tours: Jelica Jovanovic; as well as other architects and experts in numerous buildings, galleries and museums on site

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH & Co. KG


With the beginning of winter time, ARCH ON TOUR escapes on a southern detour

Downstream of the Danube to the confluence of the Sava on the Belgrade banks, which are still warm in summer. Starting from Isay Weinfeld's 5 * Square Nine Hotel in the old town, we will explore the white city between historical locations and icons of modernity together with the Belgrade architectural historian Jelica Jovnovic. We visit the best examples of brutalist post-war architecture and look forward to exciting new developments and special interiors by contemporary architects, designers and artists. Last but not least, there is also time for relaxation in the elegant spa area of our hotel, for individual strolls in the city and exploring the chic nightlife behind morbid facades.

PROGRAM , as of October 24, 2017, subject to change

Sunrise - sunset approx.  07:10 am - 05:30 pm

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 / Vienna - Belgrade: Historic old town

check-in takes place individually, VIE - BEG with OS773 

Nikola Tesla Airport / ladislav Ivković, Duschanka Menegelo, Sofia Paligotić-Nenadović, Nadeschda Filipon-Trojević, Vesna Mticević, 1961; short visit to the old terminal

Bus, transfer to the hotel

check in Square Nine Hotel / Isay Weinfeld, 2011

Welcome by the hotel owner Nebojsa Kostic, welcome drink in the lobby

Cocktail reception on the Ebisu Rooftop Terrace

City walk: Old town: urban development

Kalemegdan Fortress of Belgrade

Old town part of Kosančićev Venac

Austrian Embassy (from outside)

Cathedral Saborna crkva Svetog Arhangela Mihaila

Dinner in Beton Hala: Restaurant "Papalada"

1st night at the Square Nine Hotel


Friday, October 27th, 2017 / Belgrade: Zemun, boat trip and New Belgrade

Taxi ride to Novi Beograd

Government building / Mihailo Janković, Vladimir Potocnjak, Zlatko Najman, Dragica Perak, Antun Urlich, 1951 (interior view)

Hotel Yugoslavia / Lavoslav Horvat, 1965 (partially destroyed)

Boat trip (from / to Hotel Yugoslavia): artificial lake Sava ("Sea of Belgrade" beaches), Belgrade exhibition center (view from the river perspective), waterfront projects 

Walk over Blok 9 for lunch in "Salon 5"

Bus tour of Novi Beograd:

City Hall Novi Beograd, New School Belgrade / Stojan Maksimović, Branislav Jovin

Museum of Modern Art / Ivan Antić, Ivanka Raspopović, 1965

Genex Tower / Mihajlo Mitrović, 1980

Residential towers Blok 61-64

End of the bus hotel, taxi to the restaurant

Dinner in the "Salon 1905"

2nd night at the Square Nine Hotel


Galerija staff, Club Mladost / Ludost / Gadost


Saturday, October 28th, 2017 / Belgrade: Excursion to Avala Tower, old town modern, free time


Avala TV tower (reconstruction 2009), viewing platform, café

Nova Iskra Design Incubator in Belgrade (co-working space) / Studio Petokraka

Lunch in the "Manufaktura"

Free afternoon and evening, individually back to the hotel

3rd night at the Square Nine Hotel


Sunday, October 29th, 2017 / Belgrade: Senjak; - Vienna

check-out, bus

Sajam, Belgrade Exhibition Center / Branko Žeželj and Milorad Pantović, 1957,  Reconstructions and renovations, 2016 (interior visit of Hall 1, domed hall)

Senjak district: historic villas and contemporary projects 

Museum of Yugoslavia (Tito Museum)

Old Mill Hotel Belgrade / GRAFT Architects

Lunch in the "Mala Fabrika Ukusa"

St. Sava Temple (short inside visit)

National Library (from outside)

transfer to the airport

Aviation Museum / Ivan Štraus , 1989

Flight BEG - VIE with OS736

Photos:  Archive ARCH ON TOUR

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