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Art in nature - architecture for art

May 11, 2018

Concept and moderation: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR in cooperation with Katharina Prantl 

Guided tours: Katharina Prantl, Uta Peyrer, Flavio Thonet

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH & Co. KG


The day tour takes you on an inspiring excursion to central Burgenland to top-class art and architecture in the middle of the Pannonian natural landscape. Katharina Prantl accompanies ARCH ON TOUR personally on the artistic walk "Walking from stone to stone" and leads through the private latifundia, the "sculpture field" and the studios of the Prantl-Peyrer family of artists in Pöttsching.

The tour starts with a visit to the "Atelier Archive", the industrial ruin of a former Billa branch that has been revitalized and converted by Flavio Thonet. In the new exhibition space, small-format works by the sculptor Karl Prantl can be seen, selected paintings by Katharina Prantl, as well as her painter's studio. The subsequent walk takes you on a tranquil "sculpture trail" to the outskirts of Pöttsching. As if naturally united with the landscape, 16 stone sculptures by international sculptors quietly and majestically line the path between extensive fields and small wooded areas "am Mitterberg" and "auf der Kipp".  

To top it off, the private "sculpture field" invites you to explore Karl Prantl's imposing stone sculptures, which can be experienced in an impressive way in nature on the strikingly narrow and elongated property. Not only richly decorated with sculptures, the property also contains architectural finds. The timber construction pavilion designed by Ernst Hiesmayr as a studio for Karl Prantl and a painter's studio for Uta Peyrer-Prantl is enthroned in the front garden area, sovereign and at the same time reserved. Carsten Roth responded to the difficult construction task of the art storage facility built directly next to it with an idiosyncratic design language.

An authentic Heuriger buffet with Pannonian specialties and local wines in the midst of the stone sculptures and buildings of this impressive place provides for the physical well-being.  



Saturday, May 11th, 2019 

Meeting point Secession, bus ride to Pöttsching

Atelier archive / conversion of the former Billa branch: Flavio Thonet, 2012 / visit to the exhibition of numerous works by Karl-Prantl (1923-2010) and Katharina Prantl, Atelier Katharina Prantl

Walk "Walking from stone to stone" to the sculptures "am Mitterberg" and "auf der Kipp", Pöttsching / 16 sculptures from the "Symposium of European Sculptors, St. Margarethen", 1958-1969 by Leo Kornbrust, Werner Mach, Makoto Fujiwara , Jacques Moeschal, David Thomson, Maria Biljan-Bilger, Paul Aschenbach, Rolf Jörres, Zdenek Palcr, Arthur Dieter Trantenroth, Sepp Wyss, Krum Damianov, Moshé Buky-Schwartz, Erich Reischke, Adolf Ryszka, Karl Prantl, Milos Chlupáč

Kunstspeicher Uta Peyrer and Karl Prantl / Carsten Roth, 2008

Atelier pavilion and storage facility Uta Peyrer and Karl Prantl / Ernst Hiesmayr, 1990

Heurigen buffet with drinks in the Prantl family's private garden

Walk through the sculpture field / stone sculptures by Karl Prantl

Return bus via Bad Sauerbrunn to Vienna Secession


Photos:  Archive ARCH ON TOUR

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