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Atami - Osaka - Okinawa - Tokyo  
MAY 07 - 20, 2024

Concept and expert accompaniment: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR; as well as expert guiding by local architects and specialists: Haruko Hoyle (Odawara Art Foundation), Norio Yoshinaga (ofea), Yuhei Shimoji (Croton Architects), Toshiyuki Igarashi (Studio Cochi Architects), Yuka Nakamura, Atsuko Takayama

Consultants: Masako Ban, Yuka Nakamura, Fumio Matsumoto, e.a.

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH & Co. KG

The second version of the completely new Japan program again lets you experience the diverse country from special perspectives and is suitable for both "beginners" and "advanced" visitors to Japan. For a refreshing start the tour takes us to 2 projects by Hiroshi Sugimoto to the coast south of Tokyo: right after arrival to the Museum of Art in Atami and on the following day to Enoura Observatory in Odawara. The journey continues to Osaka and to the island of Awaji to Zenbo Seinei, an outstanding wooden building by Shigeru Ban, which we not only visit, but also actively experience while practicing Zen. A day trip to Ise is dedicated to the Shinto shrine Ise Jingu, which is considered a sanctuary in Japan, as well as its extensive shrine complex. As another highlight  the tour leads to the main island of the subtropical Okinawa archipelago, where we visit traditional island-typical wooden buildings, castle ruins and contemporary private houses guided by the architects. There will be enough time to enjoy the nature and beach in our beautiful hotel Moonbeach. As the grand finale, the tour leads directly back to Tokyo, where we will explore selections of the vast repertoire of built and lived urbanity in the ultra-dense Tokyo metropolis and discover unique locations, new public spaces, and recent buildings, while paying tribute to the well-known highlights.

Besides the comprehensive program, there is also enough time for individual explorations; for selected hotels and restaurants with authentic cuisine - such as the particularly healthy Okinawan cuisine enriched with island-specific mountain and sea plants - is, as always, well taken care of.

We look forward to the common trip and shared experiences in Japan!



here to the ROUTE and TOUR PRICE  


as of 2024/04/19, subject to changes

approx. sunrise – sunset on our respective travel dates:

Osaka: 05:00 – 18:45

Okinawa: 05:35 – 19:20

Tokyo: 04:35 – 18:40

Tuesday, 2024/05/07 / departure from Vienna

individual check-in

approx. 12:30 individual boarding / Vienna airport (please refer to boarding time on your boarding pass)

13:30 departure flight – Tokyo Narita by AUA, OS051 (BOEING 777-200/200ER)


Wednesday, 2024/05/08 / arrival in Tokyo, prelude in Atami

08:50 arrival in Tokyo Narita by OS051

bus transfer to Atami, Shizuoka (coastal province south of Tokyo), lunch snack in the bus

MOA Museum of Art, Atami / Renovation: New Material Research Laboratory / Hiroshi Sugimoto, 2017

Matcha and sweets at Ippaku-an Teahouse

check-in Hotel New Akao, Atami

Siesta and free time at the hotel, spa, hot-spring, walk, etc.

common dinner at the hotel

1st night at Hotel New Akao, Atami

Thursday, 2024/05/09 / Odawara - Osaka

breakfast at the hotel, check-out


Enoura Observatory | New Material Research Laboratory , Odawara / Hiroshi Sugimoto, 2017

welcome by Haruko Hoyle (director of the Odawara Art Foundation)

individual walk through Odawara Art Foundation: Uchōten "listen-to-the-rain" Tea House, Shinto Shrine, e.a.

Shinkansen: from Odawara to Shin-Osaka by Shinkansen Hikari, then subway

check-in Royal Classic Hotel Osaka / KKAA Kengo Kuma & Associates, 2020

walk in Osaka: Hozenji Temple, Dotombori street, Ebisu bashi bridge, Galleria Akka / Tadao Ando, 1988

aperitif and common dinner at Dining Zero, Cross Hotel Osaka

common dinner in Osaka

1st night at Royal Classic Hotel, Osaka Namba

Friday, 2024/05/10 / day tour to Ise

breakfast at the hotel

train: from Namba to Iseshi by Kintetsu Ltd. Express Ise-shima-Liner

meeting with Yuka Nakamura

Ise Jingu shinto shrine complex:

walks, public bus, ev. taxi

Sengukan (Ise Jingu Museum) / Akira Kuryu, 2012

Geku shrine park, Ise Jingu / 478

common lunch at Ebimaru 

Naiku shrine park, Ise Jingu / 657

individual walk through Okageyokocho 

train: from Ujiyamada to Namba by Kintetsu Ltd. Express Ise-shima-Liner

free evening in Osaka

2nd night at Royal Classic Hotel, Osaka Namba

Saturday, 2024/05/11 / Zen on Awaji-shima island

breakfast at the hotel


Gonda House, Osaka / ofea, office for environmental architecture, 2022 (interior visit guided by the architect Norio Yoshinaga)

ZEN Wellness Seinei, Awaji / Shigeru Ban 2022 (participation at an exclusive Zen-Wellness-program, Zenbo cuisine lunch and tea ZEN-CHA & ZEN-SHO)

Farmer´s Restaurant Haru San-San, Awaji / Shigeru Ban, 2021 (from outside)

Honpukuji Water Temple, Awaji  / Tadao Ando, 1991 (interior visit)

banquet dinner at Royal Classic Hotel Osaka (sky banquet room Ruri)

recommendation: Kumokumo Bar at Royal Classic Hotel Osaka / KKAA, 2020

3rd night at Royal Classic Hotel, Osaka Namba


Sunday, 2024/05/12 / departure to subtropical Okinawa

breakfast at the hotel, check-out

free time or optional visit: Namba Parks / Jerde Partnership Urban Lands Institute, 2009

bus transfer to Osaka/Itami airport

14:00 - 16:10 Osaka (Itami) - Okinawa (Naha) by ANA, NH767

meeting with Atsuko Takayama

bus transfer 

check-in Loisir Hotel Naha

Naha City Hall / Yukifusa Kokuba, 2012 (from outside)

walk in the city center of Naha: Kokusai Dori, Heiwa Dori, Makishi Public Market

common dinner at Omoro Dun-chi Naha

1 night at Loisir Hotel Naha


Monday, 2024/05/13 / Okinawa: Naha and Tamagusukuio

breakfast at the hotel, check-out


Tamagusuku House, House in Shikenbaru / Studio Cochi Architects, 2018, 2023 (interior visits with the architect Toshiyuki Igarashi)

common lunch at Hyakunagaran 

Sefa Utaki sacred site (visit)

Nakamura Residence / 18. Jhdt (interior visit)

bus transfer

check-in Hotel Moon Beach, Onna, Okinawa / Yukifusa Kokuba, 1975

common dinner at the hotel

1st night at Hotel Moon Beach, Okinawa


Tuesday, 2024/05/14 / Okinawa: Motobu

breakfast at the hotel


Nago City Hall / Team Zoo,1981 (external stairways, terraces, etc.)

Tsukayama Sake (Awamori) Brewery (interior guided visit and tasting)

common lunch at Cafe Kokuu / Croton Architects (meeting with the architect Youhei Shimoji)

Nakijin Castle Ruins  / 14th certury. (walk through the castle area)

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium / Yukifusa Kokuba / 2002 (individual visit of the aquarium and park)

walk through Bise Fukugi Tree street and village

common dinner at Restaurant “Chanya” / Croton Architects

2nd night at Hotel Moon Beach, Okinawa


Wednesday, 2024/05/15 / Okinawa: holiday on Moon Beach

breakfast at the hotel

free time for leisure at the hotel pool and beach

or optional boat tour to the private Island YOjima for kayaking and snorkeling

dinner at the hotel

3rd night at Hotel Moon Beach, Okinawa


Thursday, 2024/05/16 / Okinawa and departure to Tokyo

breakfast at the hotel, check-out


National Theater Okinawa / Shin Takamatsu, 2003 (from outside)

Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum / Ishimoto Architect. & Engin. Firm, 2006 (individual museum visit)

Shikinaen Royal Garden / 1799 (garden visit)

Haraiso Gallery Shikinaen (short gallery visit)

Umikaji Terrace: individual lunch

16:40 - 19:10 Flug Okinawa (Naha) - Tokyo (Haneda) by ANA, NH472

Bus transfer

check-in Hotel New Otani The Main

common drinks and snacks at Bar Capri at the hotel

1st night at Hotel New Otani The Main, Tokyo


Friday, 2024/05/17 / Tokyo - Bay and Ginza

breakfast at the hotel

visit of the japanese garden at Otani Hotel

public transportation and walks

Shibaura House / Kazuyo Sejima, SANAA, 2011 (interior visit)

Pigment art suppy store / KKAA Kengo Kuma & Associates, 2015 (short visit)

common lunch at WHAT Café

WHAT Museum and Archi-depot (visit of the architecture moldel depot and of the current exhibition

„Sense of Structure: From Horyuji Temple to the Universe“)

walk through Ginza:

Uniqlo Tokyo Ginza 3-chome / Herzog & de Meuron, 2020 (short interior visit)

Pola Museum Annex (museum visit)

Higashiya Ginza (short interior visit)

Ito-ya paper and stationery shop (individual interior visit)

Maison Hermès / Renzo Piano, 1999, 2004 (visit of the current exhibition at Hermès Forum)

Gucci Ginza Gallery (exhibition visit)

Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki / Jun Aoki und Peter Marino, 2021 (from outside)

common Sushi-dinner at Ginza or Tsukiji former fish market area

2nd night at Hotel New Otani The Main

Saturday, 2024/05/18 / Tokyo: new and classical highlights

breakfast at the hotel

public transportation and walks

Japan National Stadium / KKAA Kengo Kuma & Associates, 2019 (from outside)

Public Toilet in Sendagaya / Suppose Design Office, 2020

Meiji Jingu: walk through the park and shrine garden

Meiji Jingu Museum / KKAA Kengo Kuma & Associates, 2019 (museum visit)

Yoyogi National Gymnasium / Kenzo Tange, 1964 (from outside)

lunch-picnic at Yoygipark 

Tokyo Toilet Project / buildings by Shigeru Ban, Toyo Ito and Tadao Ando

walk to Shibuya

Shibuya Miyashita Park / Takenaka Corporation + Nikken Sekkei, 2020

Shibuya Tsutaya bookstore, new opening

Shibuya Scramble Square / KKAA Kengo Kuma & Associates, Nikken Sekkei, 2019 (visit of the sky garden Shibuya Sky)

free evening and individual dinner

(recommendations: Shibuya Yokochoo Food court, Or Bar und Night Club, Bars and Clubs in Dogenzaka)

3rd night at Hotel New Otani The Main, Tokyo


Sunday, 2024/05/19 / a perfect Sunday: in the heart of Tokyo

breakfast at the hotel

public transportation and walks

Toraya Akasaka sweets shop / Naito Architect & Associates, 2018

Kyu Asakura House / 1919 (interior visit of the house and garden)

Hillside Terrace / Maki and Associates, 1969-92 (from outside)

Daikanyama T-Site: Tsutaya bookstore / Klein Dytham Architecture, 2012 (individual interior visit)

Harajuku-Omotesando area:

recommendations for an individual walk (map will be provided):

- Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado / Akihisa Hirata, 2024; Maison Margiela; Aoyama Stores in Omotesando: Issey Miyake Pleats Please; HaaT, Comme des Garcons / Takao Kawasaki, Future Systems, 1999; Yoshi Yamamoto; Miu Miu / Herzog & de Meuron, 2015; Prada / Herzog & de Meuron, 2005; Collezione Aoyama / Tadao Ando, 1989; Nezu Museum / Kengo Kuma, 2009 (with japanese garden and contemporary tea house)

common meeting point: Omotesando crossing

Toranomon Hills Station Tower / OMA, 2023

common dinner at Tokyo Node Dining

4th night at Hotel New Otani The Main, Tokyo


Monday, 2024/05/20 / departure from Tokyo, arrival in Vienna

breakfast at the hotel, check-out

bus transfer to the airport

09:40 - 17:00 flight Tokyo Haneda HND - Munich MUC by LH 715 (AIRBUS A350-900)

19:25 - 20:30 flight Munich MUC - Wien VIE by OS 116 (EMBRAER 195)




2024/05/07 / 13:30 flight Vienna – Tokyo Narita by AUA, OS051

2024/05/08 / - 08:50 arrival in TOKYO Narita / continue to / 1 night in Atami, Hotel New Akao

2024/05/09 / visits in Odawara, KANAGAWA / by Shinkansen to OSAKA / 1st night at the Royal Classic Hotel, Osaka Namba

2024/05/10 / by train to ISE / 2nd night at the Royal Classic Hotel, Osaka Namba

2024/05/11 / by bus o AWAJI-shima / 3rd night at the Royal Classic Hotel, Osaka Namba

2024/05/12/ flight 14:00 - 16:10 Flug Osaka Itami - OKINAWA Naha by ANA, NH767 / 1 night at Loisir Hotel Naha, Okinawa

2024/05/13 / visits by bus in Naha / 1st night at Hotel Moon Beach, Onna, Okinawa

2024/05/14 / visits by bus in Okinawa / 2nd night at Hotel Moon Beach, Onna, Okinawa

2024/05/15 / free time / 3rd night at Hotel Moon Beach, Onna, Okinawa

2024/05/16 / 16:40 - 19:10 flight Okinawa Naha – TOKYO Haneda mit ANA, NH472 / 1st night at Hotel New Otani The Main, Tokyo

2024/05/17 / public transportation and walks in Tokyo / 2nd night at Hotel New Otani The Main, Tokyo

2024/05/18 / public transportation and walks in Tokyo / 3rd night at Hotel New Otani The Main, Tokyo

2024/05/19 / public transportation and walks in Tokyo / 4th night at Hotel New Otani The Main, Tokyo

2024/05/20 / flight 09:40 - 17:00 Tokyo Haneda HND - Munich MUC by LH 715 / flight 19:25 - 20:30  Munich MUC - Wien VIE by OS 116 / arrival in Vienna


TOUR PRICE per person in a double room 6.890 EUR (incl. tax.); single room supplement: 1.530 EUR

including: flights (Economy class or Premium Economy with surcharge) by Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa: Vienna - Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda - Munich – Vienna; domestic flights (Economy) by All Nippon Airways: Osaka Itami – Okinawa Naha, Okinawa Naha - Tokyo Haneda; 12 nights with breakfast in selected central hotels (1x Hotel New Akao Atami 4*, 3x at The Royal Classic Hotel Osaka 4* , Osaka Namba,  1x at Loisir Hotel Naha 4*, Okinawa, 3x at Hotel Moon Beach 4*, Okinawa, 4x at Hotel New Otani The Main 5*, Tokyo ), 13 common meals (3 of them incl. beverages), 1 banquet dinner incl. beverages, 1 cocktail with drinks & bar food; 1 private Zen Wellness program incl. lunch and tea at Zenbo Seinei; all entrances and guided tours according to the above schedule; airport transfers, public transportations, private coach, taxi rides in Ise; tipps; expert guiding and program by Marion Kuzmany

not included: individual meals and beverages, beverages at common meals (except at 3 meals plus 1 banquet dinner and 1 cocktail), coffee breaks, individual program, taxi rides (except in Ise), etc.



number of participants: maximum 34 persons

IMPORTANT: Good walking ability is required for this tour!

here to the TRAVEL- and CANCELLATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS: modified cancellation terms for this tour!



Fotos: Archive ARCH ON TOUR, Virtual DynamiX, KATTAT by Artmanas


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