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architectural treasures around the Traunsee, Hallstättersee, Attersee and Mondsee

SEPTEMBER 10-13, 2020


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Concept and moderation: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR; in cooperation with Judith Eiblmayr / architect and architecture mediator

Guided tours: Judith Eiblmayr; Christa Buchinger, Andrea Frauscher-Oberfrank, Gerhard Fürtbauer, August Hinterwirth, Maximilian Luger, Franz Maul, Alois Spiesberger, Heribert Wolfmayr, and others

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH & Co. KG

In four days, the tour leads to four lakes and their architecturally richly equipped villages on the water. Villas, castles, holiday homes, boat houses and bathing houses line the crystal-clear lakes, some of which are connected by rivers and surrounded by gigantic rocks and provide an impressive natural spectacle. Numerous exclusive indoor visits to private houses in the presence of the respective architects and contemplative walks to hidden finds are on the rich program, which also offers the possibility of refreshment in the cool waters through accommodation directly on the lake.

Judith Eiblmayr, based on her research for the publication "Der Attersee - Die Kultur der Sommerfrische", will accompany the entire journey from the Traunsee over the Hallstätter and Attersee to the Mondsee in a valuable architectural and cultural-historical way.

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Sunrise - sunset: approx. 06:40 - 19:20


Thursday September 10th

Meeting point Operngasse 16, 1010 Vienna (across from the Café Museum)

Departure bus

Drive to Gmunden (about 3 hours)

Lido Gmunden / Franz Gessner, 1927;

        Renovation: Hinterwirth Architects

Walk: Peninsula: Villa Toscana , Lake Castle Orth

Brunch together in the " Orther Stub´n " in the Seeschloss Orth

Bus to town

faux pli | spar gmunden / archinauten, 2012 

City walk

Haus Salzkammergut / INNOCAD , Hinterwirth Architects , 2019, (tour architect August Hinterwirth)

E-boat exhibition hall Frauscher / arge.ateliers, 2003 (from outside)

(Tour of a Frauscher boat with Andrea Frauscher-Oberfrank)

meeting point bus, Frauscherhafen

H3 terraced house in low energy construction / kb + l architecture, 2008 (from outside) 

Land schaf (f) t Zaun / heri & salli , 2011 (guided tour by architect Heribert Wolfmayr)

House "unterm Stein" / Christa Buchinger, 2011 (guided tour by architect Christa Buchinger; champagne reception on the terrace)

18:30 by taxi from the Hoisn boat station to the Traunkirchen boat station

(Bus brings luggage to the hotel)

check-in, dinner together and overnight at

Seehotel " Das Traunsee " in Traunkirchen / conversions and extensions:  Hinterwirth Architects  


Friday September 11th 

possibly swimming in the lake, breakfast in the hotel, check-out

Walk through Traunkirchen: 

Galerie Erlas (in the former monastery workshop for altars, 1633) /

           Restoration and conversion: Erlas Creativ GmbH, 2003 (from outside)

Church of Maria Krönung , 1630 (Fischerkanzel, 1753)   

Meeting point bus / hotel, departure

Drive to Hallstadt (approx. 45 min.)

Cable car to the "Skywalk" viewing platform

Picnic (packed lunches from Hotel Traunsee)

HTL / HTBLA Hallstatt / riccione architects, 2015 (interior visit with the former workshop manager Alois Spiesberger)

Hallstatt community house / Astrid Wildner-Kerschbaumer (from outside)

Residence Dr. R., Hallstatt / Architects Luger & Maul, 2017 (from outside)

Drive to Steinbach am Attersee (approx. 45 min.)

Composing house by Gustav Mahler , Steinbach / Bmstrasse Franz Lösch, 1893

Community center Steinbach / sps architects, 2012

Drive to Seewalchen  (approx. 30 min.) 

check-in "Hotel Attersee", Seewalchen

Walk on the lake promenade in Seewalchen

dinner together in the "boathouse", Seewalchen

Overnight at the Hotel Attersee"in Seewalchen

Saturday September 12th

possibly swimming in the lake,  Breakfast at the hotel, departure by bus

House Fürtbauer / Feichtinger architectural office, 2020 (interior tour with Gerhard Fürtbauer)

Meeting with architect Maximilian Luger (Luger & Maul), joint visits:

Gamerith House , Litzlberg / Ernst Plischke, 1934 (interior view)

Family F. residence , Litzlberg / Luger & Maul, 2008 (interior view)

Lineis bathhouse , Litzlberg / Luger & Maul, 2007 (interior visit)

Eichmann country house and boathouse  / Clemens Holzmeister, 1928 (from outside)

Bus back to Seewalchen

Individual lunch, optionally in the Eiszeit café

Café Eiszeit / Moser and Hager Architects, 2016

free afternoon (possibly swimming in the lake, ...), recommendations for the afternoon program:

-  Walk through Seewalchen and / or Kammer-Schörfling:

       Beach promenade, Schloss Kammer with castle park, lido, villa          Paulick (Klimt), town center with traditional costumes Tostmann, possibly Amthof       

- Walk along the Ager to Agerinsel (approx. 30 min.)

      Pavilion at Wengermühle / Walter Stelzhammer, 2020

      Bus back to the hotel

Walk along the Ginzkey Weg to the Litzlberger Keller (approx. 10 min.)

joint dinner in the "Litzlberger Keller"

Overnight at the Hotel Attersee"in Seewalchen


Sunday September 13th

possibly swimming in the lake,  Breakfast, check-out, bus departure

Meeting with architect Franz Maul (Luger & Maul), joint visits:

Seebad Häupl , Attersee / Architects Luger & Maul, 1991

Apartments Häuplhof , Attersee / Architects Luger & Maul, 2015

(Interior inspection)

House S., Parschallen / Roland Gnaiger with Gerhard Giesinger (from outside)

Bathhouse Fam. S , Unterach / Luger & Maul, 2010

Lunch together at the "Gasthof See" on Lake Mondsee

Badehaus Familie D. , Mondsee / Architects Luger & Maul, 2015 (interior view)

Badehaus Familie B. , Mondsee / Architects Luger & Maul, 2017 (interior view)

Return to Vienna (approx. 3.5 hours), arrival in Vienna, Operngasse



Thursday, September 10th: Arrival from Vienna, sightseeing in Gmunden and on the east bank of the Traunsee, boat trip across the lake / overnight stay in the Seehotel " Das Traunsee " in Traunkirchen

Friday, September 11th: Sightseeing in Traunkirchen, drive to Hallstatt and sightseeing on Lake Hallstatt, drive along the east bank of the Attersee / overnight at the " Hotel Attersee""in Seewalchen

Saturday, September 12th:  Visits to the north-west bank of the Attersee and around Seewalchen / overnight stay in the " Hotel Attersee " in Seewalchen

Sunday, September 13th: visits along the west bank of the Attersee, drive to Mondsee and visits to Mondsee, return to Vienna


Photos: ARCH ON TOUR archive

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