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OCTOBER 12, 2024


Concept and moderation: Marion Kuzmany / ARCH ON TOUR

Guiding: Petr Dvořák

Tour operator: Mondial GmbH &Co. KG

The day tour to Brno leads to Villa Tugendhat, considered a classic Brno Modern, and one of Mies van de Rohe's masterpieces among the most outstanding Icons of Eastern European modern architecture. Café Era provides sustenance, true to style and enticing visitors through culinary excellence.

In the afternoon the guided city walk with Petr Dvořák shows further special examples and highlights of the architecturally richly equipped historic center of Brno.



as of 2024/04/14, subject to modifications


Saturday, 2024/10/12 / Villa Tugendhat and historic city walk

08:50 meeting at Operngasse 16, 1010 Wien (across Café Museum)

09:00 departure by bus (chartered coach)

Villa Tugendhat / Mies van de Rohe, 1930 (extended tour incl. technical floor and visit to the garden of Villa Tugendhat / in 1-2 groups)

walk and lunch at Café Era / Josef Kranz, 1929 

bus to the city center (until Janácek Theater), guided city walk with Petr Dvořák:

- St. Thomas church, St. Jacob church

- Hotel Avion / Bohuslav Fuchs, 1928

- Convalaria residential building with shops and café / Oskar Porsika, 1937

- Brouk and Babka department store / Miroslav Kopriva, 1934

- Moravian bank Moravská banka / Bohuslav Fuchs, Arnost Wiesner, 1930

- Freedom-Square (Namesti Svobody)

- Alfa-Palace and Passage / Bohuslav Fuchs, 1937

- Moravian savings bank / Heinrich Blum, Josef Polasek, Otakar Oplatek, 1939

- Old City Hall (with Anton Pilgram portal)

- Kohlmarkt (Parnas fountain)

- Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

18:00 departure by bus from Janácek Theater / approx. 20:30 arrival in Vienna, Operngasse​




TOUR PRICE: 180 EUR (incl. tax)

including: bus trip Vienna - Brno and back, guided tour at Villa Tugendhat: extended version including technical floor and garden, guided walk through the old town with Petr Dvořák, 3-course lunch at Café Era including beverages; expert travel moderation by DI Marion Kuzmany

​here to the REGISTRATION


Program: Subject to changes. Participation is at your own risk; maximum 30 persons


Lunch menus at Café Era: all menus 3 courses including beverages, coffee

Menus to choose from: with beef / with duck / vegetarian (vegan upon request)

detailed menue information will be sent to all registered participant for individual choice


Fotos: ©David Zidlicky, Brno; Archive ARCH ON TOUR

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